building your personal brand and measuring it

Saturday, 3 July 2010
Brands are described by Paul stobart as the sum of the functional and emotional characteristics that a consumer attributes to a product or service.For instance, take a good example of a bottle of sugared, flavoured,fizzy water and a bottle of coca-cola.

Personal Branding

involves personal beliefs ,attributes core values and elements that make individuals tick. Madonna, Beckham are personal brands yet global brands building their core values and personal beliefs by extending personal activities to different areas to maintain and add value to their personal brands. We all have personal brands; our natural talents, elements or components that make us tick or achieve success. But how many have have gone far in exploiting these natural talents bearing in mind the potential we possess. We are all blessed in one field or another and have the capacity to become heroes, opinion leaders, singers, preachers, musicians, entreprenuers, marketers, doctors or indeed excel in whatever field of human endeavour we channel our efforts to.

Steps to build personal brand

1. write down 5 fields that interest you or areas of interest
2. research these areas of interest/fields for information on what is needed to get moving
3. set a plan of how to achieve these program with goals, targets strategies,budgets timeframe ,tactics feedback and adjustment
4. Select advisory teams; these may include managers, coaches, business angels, venture capitalist mentors,teachers,consultants to help in training, guidance, supporting financial needs.
5.Set up a time table for your program. Make sure its not interupting or conflicting with your daily time table
6. Measure your achievments, activities day by day, month by month or hour by hour depending on field or interest you are in and bench mark your results with top performers or competitors. Don't give up.
7. Seek to learn more by training others and looking at other opporntunities that may be of interest to you and will help build your personal branding.

personal branding is key element to every success and should all expoilt our natural talents no matter where you are let us join the band wagon of achieves and we can all do it

thanks once again for this moment

kim kaweesa and jackson mutebi


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