Smart tips about positive thinking for 2012

Monday, 12 December 2011
1. Positive thinking creates a bright future.
2. Positive thinking creates clear focus
3.. Positive thinking creates healthy life style
4. Positive thinking creates new innovative ideas
5. positive thinking creates clear smart mind set

Think Positive day by day


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World's Richest Green Billionaires 2011

Saturday, 10 December 2011
Rank Name Country Green Net Worth Source “green” wealth Total Net Worth

1 Christy Walton U.S. $4.2 billion First Solar $25.4 billion
2 Aloys Wobben Germany $3.3 billion Enercon (wind turbines) $3.3 billion
3 Zhu Gongshan China $3.0 billion GCL-Poly Energy (solar) $3.3 billion
4 Wang Chuanfu China $2.0 billion BYD Co. (EV batteries) $2.1 billion
5 Rubens Ometto Brazil $1.6 billion Cosan (ethanol) $2.5 billion
6 Han Junliang China $1.4 billion Sinovel Wind Group $1.4 billion
7 Wu Jianlong HongKong$1.3 billion Zhejiang Sunflower Lt En.$1.3 billion
8 Adi Godrej India $1.0 billion mangrove preserves $7.7 billion
9 Wei Wenyuan China $1.0 billion Sinovel Wind Group $1 billion
10 Vinod Khosla U.S. $200 million Amyris, Kior, 40 startups$1.4 billion

smart independent worldwide consultancy a market leader in Green ideas

Friday, 9 December 2011
ideas are life for company wishing to out perform it's competitors and lead from the top. Green ideas are needed to turn around business models to new ways , re- engineering to green technology, green innovation empowerment of employers to take new green leadership roles discusing green issues in company 's board rooms later to turning new green ideas to outstanding products and services. smart independent world wide consultancy is market leader setting new green change models to better sustainable business cutting level toxic waste (CO2) for clean world

Invest in Green Ideas

Tuesday, 6 December 2011
ideas are life for all companies that need to grow to achieve their bottom line new. green ideas are key for competitive companies for the new era to weather the storm in these uncertain world of global turmoil. smart independent world wide consultancy is market leader in green ideas looking for partners green institutions, universities to help in research and development of these green ideas to make a big impact to world


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