Innovation in your DNA

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Innovation is the creation of new products, services, processes through re-thinking new ways of doing things by discovering areas of weakness and challenging the current status quo of systems, business, and company departments through step by step processes in order to achieve the final products, services or systems. The book is a guide line in opening all your inner innovative talent, yet hidden talents in your innovation DNA and inner wealth which will create uniqueness and a competitive advantage over competitors. I recommend all those reading this book, with an entrepreneurial spirit to put all the concepts into their daily life to unlock their innovative DNA and optimize those hidden talents, bringing them to the forefront to achieve common success. The hidden talent calls for the 10 STEPs SMART INNOVATION CYCLE 1. Innovation in your DNA 2. Smart thinking 3. Smart empowerment 4. Smart environment 5. Smart self-development, smart self-esteem courage, smart guts 6. Smart time management 7. Smart financial Outlook 8. Smart �can do� game changer 9. Smart communication /Smart networking (team ) 10. Smart innovation cycle score board Smart thinking entails thinking outside the box with a changed mind set focusing on new opportunities and challenges. It encourages brain storming, creative thinking into new innovative ideas that will create value and difference to the existing business model. This will bathe new top line flow of ideas and better ways of doing things, with positive stead mind set for high bottom line your get order the book 1. thanks Smart Team

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