Eco-Rebuilding the Emerging Market and the Global Economy (2016)

Thursday, 25 February 2016
Rebuilding the emerging markets that is Asia, Africa, Latin America yet the developed global world starts with new eco-engineered business models. The recently unprecedented financial shocks in the global markets forces global entrepreneurs, start companies to a new Eco-SDNA to their new business models to protect their business models in these tough times. Smart independent world-wide consultancy is only global organisation to help your organisation /start-up or green global company in these global toxic times. Our smart team is here to help your organisations get all the eco-global skills to boost your business models. Thanks Jackson Mutebi


Thursday, 18 February 2016
2016 is an unpredictable year where all global entrepreneurs and their traditional business models all faced the slow in global economy resulting to low bottom line. Global business models being forced to rethink their business models in this unprecedented times. This calls for all green global game changers to re-think and smart –eco- engineer their business models for long haul/ term and not in the short haul/ term. 2016 smart green global game changers have new 2016 SG DNA to re-engineer their business models to cut clutter within their existing business model. Smart Independent worldwide consultancy welcomes you to it’s 2016 smart eco- global innovation champions you will be getting more details of what the above Title is all about Thanks Jackson Mutebi

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