4 Types of Smart Green Game Changer Achievers

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
In today's global economy we have 4 types of smart green game changer achievers


SMART GREEN GAME DRIFTERS (GREEN FOLLOWERS) ----- they usually move with the flow and only partner at the last resort to achieve they green ideas /goals
SMART GREEN GAME PURSUERS (GREEN PLAYERS) ------- These are hard workers and mistakenly believe in getting what they want by simply trying harder and working harder achieve the green projects with out partnering with green institution.
SMART GREEN GAME ACHIEVERS (GREEN CHALLENGERS) -------- they set smart (moderate) green goals with out the effective or extensive partnering with any green institution or green venture firm.
SMART GREEN SUPER ACHIEVERS (GREEN LEADERS) -------- they set smart extraordinary green goals that they know are impossible to achieve without the recruitment of any green strategic partner they consider green partnerships as part of your GREEN DNA to yield top- line green bottom line results.

smart green question of the week ----- how is your green brand positioned in above 4 smart green game changers achievers ?

walk smart --- sleep green


Jackson mutebi

Game changer in Green innovation ( smart Green sustainable scoreboard)

Monday, 12 March 2012
Green innovation as the name suggests "green winning formulae" a game changer to all green companies to change their old business models to new green business models with the aims to achieve green bottom line.

smart independent world wide consultancy is the green leader with "green winning formulae" in innovating green top line products and services that have a positive smart green financial out look to your green bottom line. smart green sustainable scoreboard

lets work together to make this world a smart green world ( zero toxic waste ) carbon foot print

Jackson mutebi (ceo)

Smart Green Game Changer -- (smart independent world wide consultancy )

Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Both large and small companies lack a green competitive advantage in achieving the a sustainable green bottom line to be at fore front in cutting toxic waste in their business models.

smart independent (green game changer) is the answer to your "carbon issues " with green metrics, Smart green concepts and smart green sustainable business models that will generate a "GREEN SUSTAINABLE OUTLOOK" .let's join forces at achieves the green bottom line in this green world

Jackson Mutebi (ceo)

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