4 Types of Smart Green Game Changer Achievers

Tuesday, 27 March 2012
In today's global economy we have 4 types of smart green game changer achievers


SMART GREEN GAME DRIFTERS (GREEN FOLLOWERS) ----- they usually move with the flow and only partner at the last resort to achieve they green ideas /goals
SMART GREEN GAME PURSUERS (GREEN PLAYERS) ------- These are hard workers and mistakenly believe in getting what they want by simply trying harder and working harder achieve the green projects with out partnering with green institution.
SMART GREEN GAME ACHIEVERS (GREEN CHALLENGERS) -------- they set smart (moderate) green goals with out the effective or extensive partnering with any green institution or green venture firm.
SMART GREEN SUPER ACHIEVERS (GREEN LEADERS) -------- they set smart extraordinary green goals that they know are impossible to achieve without the recruitment of any green strategic partner they consider green partnerships as part of your GREEN DNA to yield top- line green bottom line results.

smart green question of the week ----- how is your green brand positioned in above 4 smart green game changers achievers ?

walk smart --- sleep green


Jackson mutebi


smart independent world wide consultancy said...

please post your comments thanks so much

Jim Bowes said...

GreenGraffiti® positions itself as a sustainable alternative to traditional out of home advertising. "Green" is a rather limited focusing on the environment while sustainable focuses on the planet, people and profit. The environment is very important as are social issues yet if you are not able to operate at a profit, chance are your company will not be around to make the impact needed.
We have learned that remaining humble, understating our goals and achievements increases our creditability.
Consumers and companies are beginning to experience "green" burnout as a result of everyone waving the green flag.
We are a sustainable company from day one and though we do use this to position our company, our reasons for being a sustainable company come from within. We are pursuing this course because it is simply the right thing to do.
However, in our experience, being "green" takes great commitment and thick skin. The "green" community is very cynical and highly vocal as well as social media savvy. Instead of giving credit for the achievements being made, they are quick to attack companies for not going far enough. Companies who make no green claims tend to stay off the radar. This "bashing" so to speak is well intended but often is counter productive. Those that are taking small steps and trying to change their ways are dragged through the mud while those doing nothing escape scrutiny.
That said, positioning your company as green should be done with great care and perhaps even more important the will to endure bad publicity, public criticism and the wrath of the very community we are trying to appeal to.

smart independent world wide consultancy said...

thanks for your comments greengraffiti I like the word "sustainability" but before your position your self to be sustainable your first steps is to be "green" measuring your level of CO2 in sustainable business model. sustainibilty is the final steps in achieving your zero co2 levels in sustainable business with setup metrics working to be sustainable that is being (super achiever) i hope you company is a super acheiver and sustainable as well

thanks for your comments

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