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Monday, 28 September 2015
Smart Independent worldwide consultancy Eco- Monthly Newsletter Smart independent worldwide consultancy cordially invites your all to its eco-monthly new letter This focus this month explains in details how green global game changers must align green leadership within in their eco-business models What is green leadership This where an organisation this may be a green start-up company, multinational company aligns its eco-mission statement with the eco-goals and objectives to plan, lead and organise in order to satisfy their 7 eco-global stakeholders 1. Green global customers 2. Green global suppliers 3. Green global referrals 4. Green global governments 5. Green global banks 6. Green global communities 7. Green global employees /employers Green leadership require eco- integrated communications and transparency to all the 7 eco-global stakeholders while creating short and long term relationships with them. It also entails to a total change eco- model within the organisation or company to change the “traditional can’t do culture” to “new eco- can do culture” for the entire company. This will generate new eco-innovative ideas that will create a sustainable long-term business model. Eco-integrated communication is “king” no matter how small or big the organisation it removes barriers within the organisations or company creating fast feedback on urgent eco-global project worked on, from within the same company or different department. This leaves with monthly smart green quotes “Green global leaders are game changers fostering new green business models within existing business model “Smart Team Smart green global monthly question: what is your eco-leadership style? Feel free to subscribe with us on this link below thanks your cooperation Jackson Mutebi

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