Top 10 Green cars

Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Green Cars - Cost of Cars
1.2011 Nissan leaf - $ 32,780
2.Tesla Roadster - $ 109,800
3.Chevrolet Volt - $ 40,280
4.Toyota Pruis - $ 21,600 CT 200h - $ 29,120
6. Honda civic hyrid - $ 23,950
7.Honda insight - $ 18,800 Mkz,hybrid -- $34,300
9. Mercury mulin hyrid--- $ 28,345
10.Ford fusion hybrid ---- $ 28,240


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The Top 10 Habits of millionaires

1. millionaires think long- term
2.millionaires talk about ideas
3.millionaires embrace change
4.millionaires take calculated risks
5.millionaires continually learn and grow
6.millionaires work for profits
7.millionaires believe they must be generous
8.millionaires have multiple sources of income
9.millionaires focus on increasing their net worth
10. millionaires ask them selves empowering questions

sources: The TOP 10 habits of millionaires Author Keith Cameron smith

weekly Green stocks to watch

Saturday, 22 October 2011
1.schnitzer steel industries, inc increase 3.14(7.94%)
2.Astec Industries ,inc Aste incease 1.64 ( 5.20%)
3.Acciona increase 1.67 ( 2.51)
4.chemical mining co. of chile inc increase 2.03 ( 3.73%)


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9 Tips of building a Facebook fan base from scratch

1.lean on your already established presence.
2.Take advantage of free tools.
3.Gain attention with enticing contests
4.Be relevant
5.Cheap effective Facebook ads
6.use your fans as your Marketing agents
7.create a exclusive an about page
8.what about people who don't check 'like'
9.keep content fresh

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Smart book of Month

Positive Thinking (Essential Managers) [Paperback]
Susan Quilliam (Author)
The books elaborates the 50 ways of building positive thinking

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9 Ways To build A Persistence Environment in your Business

1 Create business habits
2.Do one more task each day
3.start each day fresh
4.Take small actions
5.Keep calling,emailing, following up, following through
6.Be affirmative
7.Accountability- daily routine
9.Smart breaks and Smart encouragement
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7 Secret Tips of Green Millionaires

Saturday, 8 October 2011
1.They live well below their mean.
2.They allocate their time , energy and money efficiently in ways conducive to building wealth
3.They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status
4.Their parents did not provide economic out patient care
5.Their Adults children are economically self-self-sufficient
6.They are proficient in targeting market opportunities
7.They chose the right occupation.
source: millionaire next door Thomas j.Stanley, William D Danko

5 ways to a have Smart healthy- wealthy life style and valuable Time

1. Develop a smart better nutritional habits
2. Get a clear vision of life Journey ( focus )
3. set up a smart daily routine time table scoreboard for your Journey.
4. set up a smart healthy fitness routine time table
5. Get time to sleep for the next day


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The 7 Habits of highly Effective Smart People

1. Be Proactive - principles of personal vision
2. Begin with end in mind - principle of personal leadership
3. Put First things first- principle of personal management
4. Think win /win - principle of inter personal leadership
5. Seek first to understand then to be understand- principle of empathetic communication
6. synergistic - principle of creative cooperation

7.sharpen the saw - principle of balanced self renewal

source: The habits of highly effective people by Stephan R Covey

The Top 25 Countries to do Business with in these Tough Times

Tuesday, 4 October 2011
1. Canada
2. New Zealand
3. Hong Kong
4. Ireland
5. Denmark
6. Singapore
7. Sweden
8. Norway
9. United kingdom
10.United states
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