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Thursday, 24 June 2010
Smart christian Charity Fund was founded by Mutebi jackson and Serah Kironde in Uganda in 2009 with very limited resources that we were able to support only two orphans Irene Logose 17yrs and Brenda Mwagaale 11yrs who were survived by a single HIV positive widow,earned a living by digging to afford a meal on table for her four orphans. i was moved seeing the Joyce mayer ministries the hand hope doing God's work helping orphans and people in less developed countries teaching the word of God and providing bibles to people in prisons this touch me to take on this mission to help the poor.
Apart from being orphans,they were very spiritual that they prayed and fasted for a month seeking for God's Grace.This touched Serah who lives in Mbale Uganda and had a friend who was pastoring them that she was able to give a hand to two children in the family with their educational requirements.
within one year,the charity has extended help to more five christian orphans with the Grace of God that we are now able to pay their fees,provide scholarstic materials,dress them,buy soap and vaseline for them that they can ably appear like school children.their parents are very greateful,this we consider a milestone achievement given our humble beginning and minimal resources.

Smart charity christian Fund believes that all children should be given an equal opportunity in life especially when it comes to the provision of basic needs like education,clothing and health care.

We are to first serve and support the most vulnerable christian orphans within the community of Namabasa Pallisa district with the Grace of God we will extend world wide.

Our Mission Statement:

To be at the fore front in providing the best welfare to young christian vulnerable orphans by enhancing their knowledge with educational support,exploit their talents to the maximum by providing necessarily support and guidance in their upbringing with the work of God and work hand in hand with churches,schools,colleges,universities and international charity organisation to achieving the Smart Christian fund.

Our Objectives:

To provide the total welfare to children in need the basic necessities in order to uplift their education and good christian foundation.

To help the word of God to all corners of the world through by providing necessarily support to pastors and voluntary workers,training to fill necessarily gaps.

To provide a guiding platform to children in career development the necessary support needed to achieve this.

Help build and maintain christian values and the word of God to all fellow christians.

Our aim as a charity is to reach out to as many children as possible world wide who are in similar helpless situations and change their lives for the better ensuring they have a chance at life opportunities.

we run a very tight budget from our personal savings to be in a position to educate the orphans.

We are humbly appealing to any person who has the heart for the less privileged orphans to give in a hand as that will help these childen live a better life.

As the word of God states in proverbs 19:17,giving help to the poor is like loaning money to the lord,He will pay back for your kindness.and proverbs 28:27 compliments, whoever gives to the poor will have plenty and whoever refuses to help them will get nothing but curses.
i want to thank serah mutebi and pastor winnie for the wonderful work they do thanks so much they God bless them

God bless you All.
serah mutebi the author and patron of smart christian charity fund


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thanks so much for the work you do may the lord be with now and forever thanks so much

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