10 point program of smart culture

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
1- At smart we perform to achieve success and waste no time talking
2. we believe in teamwork unity and not conflict by exploiting talent skills from all diversity empowering and personal development
3.The company believes in research and development of new markets by exploiting new opportunities.
4. our team believes in innovation as strategic key factor entailing continuous innovation, rethinking, re-engineering to new process and better methods and not backsliding without doing anything
5. The business core altitudes fosters green as global issue that needs collective action from all corners with green leadership to achieve clean environment
6. we work hand in hand to achieve results taking the customers a king of business with 360 customer services hence green value proposition to meet their expectation.
7. company integrates its communication using the all communication channels namely new social media Facebook, twitter and linkedin.
8. The company sets cost cutting methods through proper budgeting and control to achieve targets
9. smart believes in partnership, joint venture and mergers with companies sharing synergies to achieve success of it's goals and objectives .
10. people are pillar of smart culture with talent,skills but more of motivation with incentive to uplift their careers despite the pressures on targets with a smile

these are 10 point program designed by

jackson mutebi a member of smart independent world wide consultancy


Anonymous said...

this is incredibly awesome.it craves admiration the sky is the limit.

serah kironde said...

This is indredibly awesome.it craves admiration the sky is the limit

serah mutebi said...

this is incredibly awesome it craves admiration let it kick off the sky is the limit

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