building greener cities (buffalo)

Saturday, 10 July 2010
The city of buffalo is going green acknowledging green projects from smart independent worldwide consultancy through the leadership John Howell of arrow gram part of Nxtarrow, and the Mayor of Buffalo project program to foster green innovation and business ideas from all corners of the world that have a competitive advantage and added value to buffalo stakeholders in reducing energy and enhancing a clean environment for green world. Nxtarrow is owned by John Howell a business development incubator welcoming business ideas from all sectors. Nxtarrow develops these ideas from paper to reality adding value to through training, providing mentoring support and guidances to achieve your destiny. Buffalo is setting a green example to all cities the need of a green environment powered green technology to play a vital role in measurement and control, yet alternative methods in eliminating the toxic waste . Buffalo is the leading city in green research and development thanks go to the team involved and major shareholders sponsoring these projects let this be a good example to all cities in world in taking the initiative to save the planet earth to be a better place to live .
thanks once again
Jackson mutebi


Kim kaweesa said...

The developing world is the blank canvass of the green ethos. There is so much to be done in order to best harness and utilise the diverse resources available. These resources are sadly dwindling and hence the need to embrace players like the Buffalo-based NXTarrow to reverse the trend.

John Wingspread Howell said...

Thanks for your affirmation of our prototype in Buffalo. Once we have perfected this model, we hope to expand it to other developing and re-developing areas.
John W. Howell, President, nxtARROW

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