Accountability for Green Economy

Wednesday, 14 July 2010
Accountability is a key element of business as it charts the growth of a business and then offers solutions on how the future should be. From an environmental perspective it looks at novel ideas relating to pressing issues like climate change, research and innovation into greener ways of managing the world's resources.This accountability should encompass the globe and not apply to only the top economies of the world. The developing nations and their "infant" economies have to be protected from all forms of exploitation from within and without. Union carbide in India and BP Oil Sleek in Louisiana attest the need for accountability. Accountability should espouse engagement,explanation and clarity of expectation- as propounded by Chan and Renee as the key elements of Fair Process.
-Engagement where individuals are involved in strategic decision making
-Explanation where everyone involved and affected should understand why final strategic decisions are made as they are.
-Clarity of Expectation where managers clearly state the rules of the game after a strategy is set.


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