31 keys to unlock your Greatness (Uncommon leader)

Sunday, 31 July 2011
1. Distinguish between what matters most and what matters least
2. Rise above the stigma of any questionable events of your past
3. Practice the daily habit of self-talk
4. Stay in the Center of what you love most
5. Never make important decisions alone
6. Customise your environment to keep yourself motivated
7. Make tomorrow bigger than yesterday
8. Protect your passion at all cost
9. create your dream wall and update it continuously
10.Fight to keep the spirit of a finisher
11.view time as your seed for change
12.Identify time-wasters and create the system that protects you from them
13.Ask quality questions
14.Train your mangers to become master problem-solvers
15.Anticipate and avoid unnecessary conflict.
16.Invest the time necessary to negotiate effectively.
17.Seize every opportunity to establish your integrity.
18.Master the art of exit
19.Become an enemy to your weakness
20.Never make important decisions when you are tired.
21.Identify what you possess that others need.
22.Learn from unhappy voices around you.
23.Always honor the focus and schedule of others.
24.mentor the inexperienced around you willingly.
25.Always allow others room to turn around
26.offer incentives to reward those who help you achieve your dreams
27.Look for every opportunity to sow favor
28.Remember that when you want something you have never had, be willing to do something you have never done
29.Keep a digital recorders with you at all times to document ideas, information and instructions
30. identify fools quickly and deny them access to you and all important information.
31.Standardize 7 daily success rituals

source: Mr Mike Murdock Founder of the wisdom Center

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