7 Smart Tips of Green Entrepreneurs

Thursday, 23 June 2011
In these unprecedented times with no quick answers to global solutions to the financial climate the high inflations rates, high fuel prices, poor financial outlook of companies and failing stock markets green Entrepreneurs require these 7 smart tips to enable their businesses achieve greater green return on investment in eliminating waste, save customers money in cutting big toxic waste in their businesses
1. Green vision /objective
This entails green goals, or objectives later focus with planned strategies to achieve successful green bottom line returns
2. Type of green products and services
Green entrepreneurs should select and evaluate the type of green products and services they tend to deal in with screaming the level of profitability, the brand identity and brand awareness level to the market.
3. Type of market
Select the type of market to supplier your product these this will include niche marketing, mass marketing, and premium marketing knowing their customer’s demographics their life style. This will require continuous research on the market you are serving
4. Types of customers
Know your green customers from your references and current markets their needs and responses on the products and services you are serving
1. Premium green customers
2. medium green customers
3. Low medium green customers
4. Low green customers
5. Setting green targets with strategies and tactics
Set up daily targets this may be monthly, weekly or day to day review them with strategies these will include price strategies, product strategies and tactics to win your customers and serving them.
6. Green communication
This involves integrating all the marketing communication tools that involves taking social media a key innovative media tool facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, other social media creating customers fan group pages on these social media and creating good track records with your customers updating them and creating new innovative products and services
7. Green Product/services balanced scorecard
This a new green innovative tool that measures the level of products and services in four categories

1. Energy metrics
2. Cash metrics
3. Waste metrics
4. Health metrics
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