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Sunday, 22 November 2009
Personal branding
African modelling the uniqueness in fashion and modelling
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My name is Sharon Mirembe and I am a young girl at the age of 18 and the first born of two children. I currently live in Scotland but I was born in Uganda and moved right after with my family to Sweden where I lived for 15 years till I moved to Scotland where I now have lived for 3 years. I am a young girl who is interested in everything that has to do with fashion and want to pursue my modelling career as an international fashion model. At the age of 13 I have always been told that I look like a model and should do model ling because of my height and skinny body. This made me realise that I actually have the look, personality and the ambition to be a successful model. As a beginner and learning what there is to learn in the modelling business, I do have the charisma, skills to change and take African modelling to next level.
African modelling
This is one of the untapped industries with great opportunities for young African models to build their personal brand exploits their talents to global brands. As a young beginning model I want to pursue my modelling career and show that there still is and should be many young African girls out there in the world who have the looks and skills to be successful in the modelling industries. As I have seen today there is a lack of African models in the modelling industries and as for me I want to be one of the girls who can represent this. As a fan of Naomi Campbell one of the most successful supermodels and business woman, she said on an interview backstage at her “Fashion for Relief” charity fashion show which she held in Africa for the first time, “That there is definitely space for more black models”. “Women of colour who have had a great experience in life need to share their experiences with others. The World is not made up of blond hair and blue eyes. We need to share ourselves,” She said. Adding on She said. “I think there should be more black models to balance it out a bit- there is a lot of quality out there with potential”. “Africa is a place of tragedy but I see beauty everywhere – there are all this beautiful African women with colour, you see these long necks of elegant women just walking in the streets” Miss Campbell also made a comment that I personally believe in saying, “I think most girls dream but they don’t chase after their dream: I’m chasing” I truly believe in this statement as I myself am chasing my dream. With family and friends around me who support and guide me, I know I will make it.
I also read about a beautiful Nigerian Model/Fashion Designer who’s 21 and called Isioma Onyebo who I personally became inspired and relate to. She revealed her identity to Daily Sun, telling her story about her journey into the modelling industry and how she became an inspired model and how she is now working in Nigeria. Miss Onyebo also tells us about her family and how her grand mother was against her from being a model but how she now has accepted it and sees the professional side of it. As she now lives in Nigeria she has launched her clothing line called ISHBEN, and has been doing lots of shows like the Next Nigerian Super Model Contest and Nigerian beach body Contest. Miss Onyebo lets us know that she used to leave and work in South Africa before she moved back to Nigeria and says “South Africa is just great for exposure and getting the experience, when you have build your book its great to go to New York, Washington DC, or Europe. I think it’s a waste of time to stay in South Africa after you have built your book”. She also gave us upcoming models some good advice that will help along the lines, quoting: “If you really know you have what it takes to be a model go for it. Don’t look back. Rejection will come, they are going to reject you on castings but keep trying, one day your breakthrough will come”. Her advice is one of many I have heard from models around the world and that I do take on board with me as myself am very impatient, but as I will carry this advice with me at all times I know rejection will come with success.

Uniqueness in fashion and modelling


smart independent world wide consultancy said...

brands are made brick to brick, from introduction to maturity you are one of the leading brands to conquer the world markets

Anonymous said...

hello. i like what your saying, Sharon. your right about that there is a lack of African models in the modeling industry, and i think you are a successful beginner who can represent
the african modeling industry to the world. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I think your writing is brilliant and is not hard to forget as it touches on a topic that isn't usually discussed. Well it has been touched on recently and I don't know if you saw this but I remember this year's Fashion Week in Brazil where black models went to protest for the sake having less chance of getting hired because of their skin colour. It's been embedded in our minds for generations that white models are what "sell". If you are looking into going against these norms, I shall fully support you. For who else is willing to do it instead of staying at home because of fear of what others might think? I believe you are a strong lets say woman :P and I may not know you that well, but I know for sure that you have the right to stand up for what you believe in. Go for it! But before you do that, you have to be prepared for the world you're heading into because you might get bitchslapped and fall on your ass without having ever seen it coming(just so you know). All in all, good luck with what you are doing and hope you succeed in catching the dream^^

Elizabeth from FB

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon

would first like to congratulate you on this compiling and highly intriging article. i hope your still working on that dream of yours, because i truly believe that if anyone was to make it, it'd be you. i love that your goal oriented, self driven and highly motivated. as black people, we're born into this world with nothing to live for, no hope, dream or future. however, it's people like you who bring light into this world, egniting the fire within us. you're determined for a change,which is something i find very inspiring, if only the world was feld with people like you, it'd definitely be a better place. i think im talking to much now, but i hope you continue with this, always strive for success because by the looks of it, your not to far off. your an inspiration to black women in current society, keep up the good work and may god bless always.
Much Love

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