Friday, 23 October 2009
The launching of smart independent world wide consultancy has been along time in the making.

we have finally launched


jackson mutebi said...

this is great smart independent the global economy needs global advisors to take action to change and implement innovate ideas for a clean environment. these are companies performing to to make the world a better place

Anonymous said...

Great idea indeed. Sharon, I really appreciate your ingenuity. However, I think that you should make more highlights on African girls who are aspiring to become models and less of Naomai Campbell. So as to strike a kind of balance. Unfortunaltely I think that there are a few grammatical errors. For example the phrase "at the age of 13" I think should be "since 13". You will have to look out more carefully for any other grammatical errors.
Otherwise, congratulations for the highly innovative idea. G.G

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