Green Global Financing a Green Global Game changer for Green Global Sustainable Companies

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
The world economy is faced with unprecedented financial shocks affecting the economic growth. The world global leaders, green global entrepreneurs, and all other green global stakeholders have to adapt to new green global financial models to limit global financial toxic waste in their business models to new green global sustainable financial models that have an added green global value proposition to 7 green stakeholders with 360% total green bottom-line Five green global key questions faced by green global game changers 1. What is your green global financial framework for 2013? 2. What is your green global financial business model for 2013? 3. What is your green global corporate financial vision for 2013? 4. How are your green global financial innovation circles positioned globally, what are their green global tasks and key green global target markets 5. What are keys green global communication mix for your green global financial models yet green global performances indicators and total green global return on investment (ggroi) Smart green global research By Smart innovation circles team


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