Sustainability Global Outlook

Monday, 12 November 2012
The world economy is faced with 3 unprecedented global financial outlooks 1. The United States fiscal cliff. 2. The debt crisis within the Euro zone. 3. Slow growth in the emerging markets that is china, Brazil with low disposable incomes in America and Europe countries by the middle class in spending. Global companies are reducing their financial forecast and revenue forecast downsizing on "green global innovation" within their green product development reducing on the level of jobs growth. Green global game changers have to re-think “new green global sustainable business models” by reviewing these green global questions to achieve a total sustainable bottom line. 1. What is your green global business model? 2. How many green global ideas or green global mini ideas has your green business model executed or still pipeline? 3. How is your green business model recession proof? 4. What are your short sustainable goals yet long-term sustainable goals? 5. What is your green global innovation scoreboard? 6. How many green global metrics does (5.) have. 7. What is your green target market (green global niche?) 8. What is your green global long –term strategic /marketing plan later green short -term strategic /marketing plan? 9. What is your green global long –term financial / operation plan later green short –term financial /operational plan? 10. What is your global long term sustainable bottom line later short –term sustainable bottom line Smart independent worldwide consultancy is here for help your company in answering these global green global questions Thanks Smart team Email: Mob: 07518756263


Greg Chick, dba Ramona's Plumber said...

I have a general comment, the direct cost analysis required to determine ROI is only as good as the metric on status quo. The externalized costs on fossil status quo is larger than the cost on the "Green" options existing today, if applied correctly. Having said that, I will tell you of a ph. conservation I just had. The caller replied to my quote, " Oh I do not need all that, I am selling this house, I just need to comply with the min." Now this value judgment dumps the problem on the future so to speak. When a matrix including ethics or when a quantified level playing field exists, we will then have the "Now" facts or the "Minimum" or the mandated value of what we speak. Until we purge this world of large special interests buying congress we are just a bunch of "Greenie goody goods" spending money on "warm and fuzzy socialist crap" according to some.

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