With Greece being the word and the eurozone still in pain the markets are in panic mode.

Thursday, 10 November 2011
So what should you do?
“Buy on dips”
Portfolio Battered and Bruised?
Having recieved more 'big hits' than were delivered in this year's Rugby World Cup, investors and their portfolios are emerging from a 3-month period which has left them battered and bruised. The US debt downgrade, fears over the US economy and the unfolding events in Europe have rocked the markets forcing many investors into a frenzied panic.
Unlike the majority of investors, here at Fat Prophets we have retained our composure even as the panic escalated... and we ensured our Members did likewise. With investor sentiment approaching a bearish extreme, we noticed that valuations were pricing in a very dire global scenario, suggesting that economic meltdown was a formality.
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From the words of master investor Warren Buffet:
“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”
In your report we disclose how to exploit this simple and effective methodology and provide substantial evidence from numerous profits we have made.
Time is a key component for any investment opportunity. Buying on dips is an imperative strategy for any investor. This is a must read report!
Click here to receive your complementary guide, The Art of Buying on Dips
Fear not, to give us your contact details.
Many investors have been burnt before with numerous investment scams ranging from unfounded alternative investments to boiler room operations.
So it is only fitting to provide a list of facts comforting you to submit your contact details in confidence.
Credibility – Fat Prophets analysts are the ‘go-to’ people for the media, ranging from the BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC to the printed press.
Regulated - being FSA regulated, you have the confidence our i’s and t’s have been dotted and crossed. Also you are protected by the FSA compensation scheme.
Durability – Having recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary, we must be doing something right. We have been making stock recommendations daily for the last 10 years.
Competence – We invest in areas which will provide our Members with the greatest returns. Our in-house research team is dominated by analysts holding the hugely respected Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA qualification.
Impartial – Being advisory only, we have no vested interests. If we tell you to buy, hold or sell it is because we believe your performance will benefit as a result… no other reason.

We are clearly trusted to air our views on the markets.

About Us
About Fat Prophets
Let's get something straight. We do not claim to provide all the "best kept secrets in the stock market." We are however confident that we can uncover enough 'hidden gems' and overlooked investment opportunities to fatten the wallets of our Members over time.
What we offer is the support of a team of specialists (not journalists), working full time to enhance your trading and investing experience. Fat Prophets is one of the few genuine independent research houses catering for private investors, providing insightful market analysis as well as ''Buy'',''Sell'' and ''Hold'' recommendations on the latest investment opportunities.
Our success, actually our Members success, is verifiable and consistent. Over the last 7 years the average annual return of our UK portfolio has regularly outperforming the FTSE 100 by quite some distance *. Most importantly our strike rate is outstanding: in closing 88 positions we have lost out on only 9.
This successful strike rate of over 89% means in concrete terms, that every time our members decide to act on our recommendations they can do so with the utmost confidence. Our weekly research reports provide recommendations using fundamental and technical analysis. We advise on the 4 key recommendations about investing –
What stocks to Buy?
Why Buy them?
When to Buy?
When to Sell?
As we are NOT Stock Brokers, you can be reassured our advice is geared to better your wealth nothing else!
Our reports cover UK, US and Australian Equities. Fat Prophets have earned a prestigious name in the industry and thus are regularly invited on the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and many other leading media sources to air our sought after views.
Click here to receive your complementary guide, The Art of Buying on Dips
Best regards,
Fat Prophets


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