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Thursday, 10 November 2011
By David Ssempijja

PANTHER, a Japanese technology that helps motorists save fuel by up to 35%, has been introduced onto the local market.The technology was invented in Japan five years ago by H.Udo San, a globally respected scientist for perfecting factory automation designing technology.

The portable device is inserted into the cigarette lighter of a car, it connects to the computer system that links to the electrical system, picks power from the alternator (electricity generator), distributes and stabilises power supply to numerous electrical equipment of the vehicles like; air conditioners, lights, wiper, music systems among others.

The vehicles’ fuel consumption levels have a relationship with power distribution within different parts, meaning that the vehicle will consume more fuel when the power circulation is unstable and the reverse is true.

The car battery stores 12volts (V) electricity, though the alternator makes 14v when the car is in motion.The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) also known as the car computer, operates at 13.5v; this is the normal stability levels.

However, as the car grows older, the alternator’s is unable to produce enough electricity during heavy charging such as low reviving, higher air-conditioner demand; once collective electrical devices are used at the same time.

The battery is supposed to supplement the fall in electrical supply, but being a mechanical (and not electronic), it does not start immediately it should, which leads to a break fraction in electrical supply due to the battery’s slow first reaction.

This is when the panther fills the gap in order for the ECU to keep stable and functioning as intended, keeping the vehicle at optimal performance, and hence it needs less energy to propel the vehicle, and thus saves fuel in the process.

“We have basically been using panther for the last five months; as a result, my company saves 35% on fuel costs, I recommend that this technology should be the way to go especially at this time when fuel prices are escalating, ” says Ronald Mugisha, a proprietor of a local firm dealing in cargo and passenger transport.

“Panther works in both diesel and petrol engine vehicles, those that use 12v batteries like minibuses, prados, salon cars are recommended for ordinary panther; while vehicles that use 24v batteries like tippers, trucks, buses and trailers, go for the Panther plus type,” according to Kalule Daniel, the regional marketing manager for Panther and Carcare Products, a Rashid Khamis Road Old Kampala based local company authorised to distribute the technology in Africa.

He says that the device is more suitable for vehicles that have clocked 30,000 kilometres, because new cars just coming from the assembly line, are already efficient as their alternators are still new. What the Panther would do to a brand new car, is to ensure the parts do not deteriorate faster.

Kalule says that the product has been certified by standards bodies in other African countries including the local Uganda National Bureau of Standards. Panther has a life span of three years but can last three years.

Mathius Katongole, a vehicle mechanic at Kisekka market says that Panther was manufactured with technology that enables a thorough combustion (burning) of fuel; thus, making it eco-friendly (green product) and every drop put in the engine is maximally utilised.

“Panther needs no expert to install, just plug it in the cigarette lighter socket, it light Green, and it starts saving fuel for you instantly. It has not effect on the engine and does not even touch the fuel itself, and hence there is no way it will spoil the engine. In any event, it will make the vehicle more efficient with less vibration” he says.

He adds that the device lowers the engine noise and enhances its performance by increasing the torque (engine power) by up to 12%, allowing the vehicle command impressive speed pace.

“You will definitely enjoy driving your car with the panther on and save money for the next three years,” says the expert.


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