14 wisdom keys on developing your daily success Routine

Sunday, 18 September 2011
1.Men do not decide their future, they decide the habits that determine their future.
2.what you do daily is deciding what you are becoming permanently.
3.nothing will ever dominate your life unless it happens daily.
4.you cannot change your life until you change something you keep doing daily.
5.you can trace the failure of every man to something he permitted to occur daily in his life,body or his mind.
6.you can trace uncommon success to habits that were created a daily success routine.
7.your habit are creating increase or decrease.
8.your habits are being strengthened or changed by the friends you permit daily close to you.
9.what you keep looking at is deciding where you your future
10. gaze only upon that which you desire in your future
11.you will always move toward the dominant picture in your mind. that is why it is important that you place pictures around you of the things you desire to move towards and have.
12. you can change a failure routine into a success routine into a success routine within 21 days
13.what you keep doing daily is creating the future you have always wanted or the future you dread.
14.your money habits are making you a pauper or A Millionaire

source: Dr Mike Murdock( founder wisdom center) from his book the uncommon leader


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