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Tuesday, 5 April 2011
You must have heard about the word “recycling”, that’s used to disposed unwanted materials from our home or office. These blue bins are kept at the corner of your home to drop soda cans, cardboard boxes, paper, metal things and many others. But have you ever thought that new things can be created by these things. At present, smart recycling is well-known and is one of the best ways to make our environment green. There are good numbers of companies those have launched different varieties of recycling and reused products in the market. If you turn back the pages of time, you can know that recycling movement initiated in the mid of 70s and 80s. But truth is that recycling started around 12,000 years before. In those past days, garbage was never an issue as the population of the world was not crowded. As human beings mind developed, they looked for better ways to make their life packed with ease and comfort. New researches in technologies were done and soon small working tools took big shapes that we see in this millennium.
Recycling products oldest form is compost. In ancient days, humans used dead animal compost and tree compost to make the soil fertile. This compost contains organisms those are health for the growth of plants. This discovery gave a new dimension to the agriculture sector and it is still used in this present time. During Middle Ages paper was costly, so old books were used to make different types of materials. In the year 1690, recycling started in the U.S.A. There were many mills those were devoted in recycling papers and other metals. In 1897, the first center for recycling started in the New York City. Some of the most regularly recycled items were glass and steel materials. At present, old buildings, cars, trucks and almost anything are shredded by the help of big machines and used for recycling.
Nowadays, many mobile companies have raised slogan for smart recycling. Recycling cell phones can save this planet with different toxic chemicals. You can see the advancement of technology that is growing on a day by day basic that can be noticed in your mobile phones. Every moment, new products are being launched in the market with cool applications to drag customers. Recycling mobile phones is one of the smart recycling methods to bring eco-friendly awareness. Certainly, buying recycled and reused items is quite helpful for us and also our environment. There are many companies those are offering handsome benefits in using recycling products. Next time when you dump an unused item, make sure it can be recycled to something new. Big companies are doing their best in saving the planet and now it’s your turn! So, go green and adopt smart recycling. Now!


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