green smart tips for 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011
2011 calls for tough measureS and More focus on your goals and objectives to achieve success in our businesses and our daily life follow this list

1. stay focused to your goals and objectives but still think of new ideas ( passionate, self confident that they will be achieved
2. Take green carbon foot print as part of your DNA to all that you do to save the planet earth with new ways of thinking of doing things
3. Motivate , listen and appraisal your team yet taking control of all the business decision in company
4.Make green broader strategic decision the main top guide agende with smart targets and measurement or adjustment your company to achieve the bottom line of your business through communications to your subordinates
5.BE the green game changer , the champion with new ideas and alternative ways of doing things

6.Take mistakes and setback as part of your learning curves to your success knowing that even Carlos Slim Helu,Bill Gates , Mark zuckerberg Warren buffet laskmini Mittel Had failure or setbacks to in your business propestus
7. Join hands in the green or eco friendly corporate reponsilibity as Ambassadors to the commmuinity adding value with your expertise and knowledge to create green value to people lives
8. Take green savings as your properity in all shopping acitivites being eco friend products and calculating your savings from the normal products you buy.
9. Take green social networks and other social network as way to connect and add value to group contributions as return to your and company
10. keep continous innnovation ahead of the game change as the champion and game changer through research and alliances and partnerships

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