20 tip of being successful

Sunday, 15 August 2010
Everyone wants to be successful. Here I am presenting 20 tips which must be followed to be successful in life, just have a look:

-> First thing, which should be kept in mind is, happiness-sorrow, success-failure is not created by god; only we are responsible for our success or failure.

-> What hinders success from coming is not the lack of knowledge but the inactivity/laziness on out part.

-> Loosing self-confidence is the biggest loss as far as achieving success is concerned.

-> If you want to become everything, you will become nothing. A jack of all is least supposed to be successful; you have to be master of one at least.

-> Daily give 10% of your time to recap what you did whole day/week so that you may learn from your and others mistakes and you may strengthen your plus points.

-> The reason of anger might be very little but its results might be too dangerous to be thought upon. Anger of just moment can destroy your whole life. So, try to avoid anger and outbursts, at least in public.

-> You must praise others in front of all, but should only criticize in person.

-> You must develop an art by which you can say certain things in an affirmative way even though you are not in favor. Say, if you want to say that you are wrong, so might say that although you are right mostly but you are not that much right this time, avoiding the word “wrong” creates a different impression and it also negates the possibility of disputes.

-> If you want progress, learn from the past and always be hopeful for a better future.

-> A direct communication is the best medium to retain friends and customers.

-> A ship is safer on the harbor but they are not meant for it. Risks are part of life and must be taken on a calculated basis. Those who cannot take risks are best for 9 to 5 jobs only.

-> A person can become great with his polite nature.

-> The ratio of hard work to destiny is 70:30, so more hard/smart work more chances of being successful.

-> The target of education is not only to impart knowledge but also to make one practical and social.

-> Ability to talk in public is a short cut to success in many ventures.

-> To bow and be polite is the quality of a successful person, to be stiff is quality of a dead person.

-> Unity of persons at a workplace is one of the main reasons of the success of the venture.

-> One who is satisfied with what he has and is always looking for what he wants is the happiest person.

-> Positive thinking and viewpoint are a must for success, creating positive energy and environment at your home and workplace is a must for peaceful and successful life.

-> Money is not the only factor for counting success; being successful means you are satisfied and living peacefully with your dear ones, remember money can bring you gadgets but not happiness.
source - http://hubpages.com/hub/20-Tips-for-being-successful


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